Expert Witness for Patent Litigation

Advised clients on mobile payment technology and the applicability of patents in the context of potential litigation. #mobile #wallet #payment #tokenization

Code Signing Architecture for Software-Based PIN Entry on Android

Hardened cryptographic architecture for Android boot loader, firmware loader and application packaging to comply with the PCI Software-based PIN entry on COTS standard. Developed PKI infrastructure to support firmware and code signing. Traced Android boot loader code to identify gaps in Android security that needed to be addressed to comply with PCI requirements. #PCI #PKI #mobile #security

Expert Witness for a Trade Secret Lawsuit

Evaluated trade secret claims, reviewed plaintiff and defendant documents, and researched prior art for a trade secret lawsuit related to payment for mobile phone service. Delivered a 200+ page expert report on the trade secrets, with rebuttal of opposing expert witness reports. Deposed by opposing counsel. #payment #mobile

Architecture for Mobile Transit Fare Payment

Designed solutions for open-loop transit fare payment, mobile ticketing, and other advanced applications of mobile technology in public transit for a client in support of a bid for a public sector transit ticketing contract. #mobile #wallet #transit

Advisor to the Procurement of a Tokenization Platform by a Domestic Debit Scheme

Advised the procurement team at a domestic debit scheme in Europe on tokenization requirements, RFP structure, vendor evaluations, business models, pricing and contract negotiations. The domestic debit scheme aimed to implement tokenization to support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and various other wallet technologies. #mobile #wallet #payment #tokenization

Technology Assessment of a Mobile Payments Company

Performed a technology assessment for the private equity exit of a mobile payments company in Europe. The assessment covered the product use cases and implementation, and assessed the scalability and resilience of the products. #startup #mobile #wallet #payment

Interim CTO for a Mobile Technology Startup

Served as the interim CTO for a mobile technology startup in London as they were making plans to build their first products. Assessed the technical viability of product concepts. Provided infrastructure architecture and sizing, with estimates of CAPEX and OPEX for each product. The proposed infrastructure was hosted at Amazon Web Services using an EJB and MySQL stack. Evaluated similar products by potential competitors, and potential market opportunities that were not address

Strategic Assessment of Mobile Operator Opportunities Related to Tokenization

Developed a business value proposition for the regional collaboration of mobile operators in Europe to deliver mobile wallets based on tokenization. The business value proposition included partnership models among mobile operators, indicative costs and pricing, and illustrated end-user use cases. #mobile #wallet #tokenization

Technical Evaluation of a Mobile Payment IP Portfolio

Performed a technical review of provisional patent materials in a portfolio of IP owned by a mobile payment company. The portfolio included technologies for mobile payments, coupons, loyalty, point-of-sale systems, and other related topics. The review identified patent materials that were more likely to be of lasting value, versus materials that were likely to be of little value. The review also identified gaps in the documentation of prospectively patentable technologies, so

Mobile Payments Seminars in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Presented the history of and lessons learned from Softcard's launch and rollout to senior management from mobile operators and financial services providers in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and led group discussions on the prospects for mobile payments in local markets. #mobile #wallet

Marketing White Paper for a European Mobile Wallet Provider

Wrote a marketing white paper for mobile wallet provider based in Europe. The white paper provided an overview of the mobile wallet products and ecosystem that the provider could use to propose solutions in additional markets within Europe and Asia. The white paper was written in English, and carefully edited to be easily read by non-native English speakers. #Mobile #Wallet #EU